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Peppermint - Pure Essential Oil

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Peppermint - Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil - 10ml bottle

(mentha piperita)

Use: Relieve muscle and joint pain, sinus care and other respiratory benefits, allergy relief, increase energy and improve exercise performance, alleviate headaches, improve IBS symptoms, freshen breath and support oral health, promote hair growth and reduce dandruff, relieve itchiness, repel bugs naturally, reduce nausea, improve colic symptoms, improve skin health, provide sunburn protection and relief.

Great to use in combination with: Eucalyptus, Lavender, Marjoram, and/or Rosemary.

Perfumers, aromatherapists and experienced essential oil users alike will immediately recognise the exceptional quality of Hushwood oils.

Essential oils that are pure, unadulterated, never "watered down" (unless specified as % solution e.g. Rose 5% and the carrier oil will be specified), GC MS tested, and certified.

All our essential oils are sourced and distilled from countries where the growing climate allows for the most potent constituents from each harvest of plant matter to be at their absolute highest levels.

As aromatherapy, perfumery and essential oil connoisseurs we also, upon consultation, can 'home brew' or distil your own home grown plant matter should you wish to personalise your essential oil (most popular plant matter should be harvested after at least 3 days of strong sun). We use a copper alembic column still (see:

Hushwood home-distilled Chamomile oil is available at a reduced price upon request as we distil our own Chamomile for our essential oil aromatherapy candle range.